I look forward to the change of season, especially the relaxed colors of winter and the exposed structure of all things normally hidden in foliage. Some plants, though, take advantage of winter to show off, like these fiery red winterberries, a type of holly. I paint these guys every year. Plus Lee cuts sprigs from our shrubs and places them in small vases around the house to brighten our spirits throughout the holidays. Their vivid display amid winter’s starkness is a reminder of God’s invitation to experience his grace during dark times in our lives.


  1. Craig Lueck says:

    ‘Eloquent’ is generous Julie. It’s important to note that I married an editor named Lee. I simply do a “down draft” then of course Lee does both the “up draft” and the “dental draft” on all my flailing bits of writing. This here reply though I have courageously posted without her knowledge. It feels rather odd.

    • And Lee is resisting her urge to add a period and commas to Craig’s comment. His meaning is clear without all my meddling.

  2. The behind the scene thoughts expressed here are eloquent, Craig. With the curtain pulled back, I can see your artist mind at work.