Taking Flight

We launch Sketches and Notes today with a tribute to a classic: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. In that whimsical cause-and-effect story, a boy selflessly shares his cookie with a traveling mouse and watches as each act of service leads to yet one more, compounding the chaos the mouse has brought to the boy’s quiet life.

Here’s our not-so-selfless or -whimsical telling of that tale, which begins for us on Aug. 16:

If you tell your friends you will be watching and waiting for the right writing opportunity, you’ll see an announcement the next day for a contest to write about a Woman of Valor.

When you send in your (very heartfelt) entry (about your mom), you’ll check your email every 30 minutes on announcement day to see who won, all the while telling yourself that the important thing was just to have entered.

When you see the winners being posted on the sponsor’s (very popular) blog, you comfort yourself by noting that all these writers are bloggers and you don’t have a blog for your (very heartfelt) piece (about your mom) to link to.

When you learn you are among the second-tier finalists who also will have their pieces posted on the sponsor’s (very popular) blog, you remind your artist husband that you and he had always talked about collaborating on a project and suggest that it’s time to start a blog. Right now.

When you talk with him about possible blog names (“Sense of Wonder?”), you remember why you never collaborate on projects.

When you watch YouTube videos on building blogs in 15 minutes, you realize either they are lying or you are inept.

When you learn on Sept. 14 that you have 15 days before your piece will be posted on the sponsor’s (very popular) blog, you hire your office mate, who happens to be the world’s best web designer, to build your site.

When you know that the site design is in capable hands, you and your artist husband have to finally answer the question, “What’s the blog about?”

It’s about Craig’s sketches and my notes. And we are taking off. We hope you’ll come with us. Even though the important thing is just to be doing it.


  1. What a thrilling journey. Can’t wait to see it unfold.

  2. This is great! Congrats on your new adventure!!

  3. Mary Chandler says:

    Aren’t deadlines wonderful for getting things done? So excited for you and to ‘hear’ from you.

  4. Karen Crawford says:

    Surprise !!!!!!!, love the new Sketches and Notes site. I have always loved beautiful art and the arts in general.

  5. Welcome to the internetzes. I know how to spell internet. I just wanted to give Lee something to do.

  6. Enjoy your flight!!!