Santa Fe steps

Santa Fe

Santa Fe provides plenty of opportunity for representing soft architectural forms and variations on the color beige. I much prefer this color in Santa Fe than the beige in my suburban neighborhood. I also enjoy not having to be so tidy with the edges. Thank you, Santa Fe.


  1. Cindy Meyer says:

    I’ve visited Santa Fe once in my lifetime, and I loved the shapes and colors of the city. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  2. Mary Hamilton says:

    I was recently thinking of both of you and your blog. I thought I had unblogged you or something. Glad to read I didn’t miss any and you were just not ready to be artistic. Love your artwork and Lee’s gift with words. The little bike in the foreground is a nice touch!

  3. Linda Kruenegel says:

    This is a perfect of depiction of the adobe lifestyle, I really like it. Thanks for sending it to me! Hugs to you both…Linda

  4. Beautiful. So glad to see you writing and painting.