Making the Bed

Making the bed

“Sunlight is painting.”     – Nathaniel Hawthorne


  1. Craig Lueck says:

    Good to hear that you are still taking great photos. Your bedpost photo there on your link is terrific. I expect Wright Morris was NOT the one making the bed back in the day, right?
    Cheers to you for staying in the game.

  2. I love this Craig. When I read in my email that it was called Making the Bed I imagined a close up of some detail of the bed. I was entirely pleased when I saw the large landscape of the bed within the room. I shared this page on my Facebook page and shared with friends that they should check out this website and read the writings and enjoy the paintings.
    I also wanted to share the photo I took at the boyhood home of Wright Morris in Central City Nebraska. It is in the style of Wright Morris’ photographs as he always took pictures of objects of intimacy within old forgotten houses. I don’t have a name for it but here is the url: