Full-Flavored Enjoyment

It’s apple and pumpkin season, so naturally I want to devote one more post to tomatoes. Today I’m revealing the two most important practices I follow to ensure maximum tomato enjoyment, one of which I alluded to yesterday. The first is particularly timely now that locally grown tomatoes, here in the Midwest at least, are not as available.

  1. I don’t buy tomatoes at the grocery store. I’m just not all that fond of the taste of sawdust. Tomatoes at most stores were picked green and shipped across who knows how many states or how many oceans. I once learned in a lecture by a horticulture professor that some commercial tomato growers choose varieties more for their transportability than their flavor. I encourage you to enjoy the full flavor of tomatoes bought from local growers in the summer. The rest of the year experiment with other vegetables on your salads and sandwiches.
  2. I don’t refrigerate tomatoes. They lose their flavor and taste like sawdust, only colder. If your tomatoes are starting to develop age spots or attract fruit flies from sitting too long on the counter, make a giant salad and eat them up. Or saute them in olive oil with an onion, garlic and basil for a simple pasta sauce. Or eat them the best way possible, biting into one just like you would an apple. Just be sure to hold a napkin under your chin to catch the juice.