Four Vases

With watercolor I have to paint by faith, not just by sight.

I apply my heart to what I observe in hopes that I can learn a lesson from what I saw.


  1. Johne Richardson says:

    Are you sure it’s FOUR vases? I’m looking really hard at this, and they all kinda run together… so it FEELS
    more like three and a half vases… or, one vase, really, that’s just unusually shaped.

    But that’s just me- the kind of guy who types out numbers, instead of just using the number. Even if that number is a fraction. So… take that into consideration.

    I’m also in a writer’s group that’s mostly all women, so I’m really getting in touch with my feelings. That thing I mentioned above, about the numbers? I wouldn’t have shared so honestly, before writer’s group. I would have kept it all bottled up inside. I was kind of like a vase,then, I guess.

  2. For me…this time your words are what are powerful, stunning and moving.
    Stunning…interesting word , different nuance when context is with words and when context is with what you see.
    Moving…another word to ponder…

  3. What beautiful vases!