Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest


  1. I love this painting Craig! The Home Depot Bags are incredible..this might be a silly question but those bags and lettering are all done by brush in hand? This is a really beautiful picture. I remember the portrait you did of Grandpa, is there any way you could somehow post a picture of it or send me a some type of non original copy so that I could hang it in my home? Dont know if this is even possible but would love to have a copy via any sort.

    God Bless you and your Family
    ps love the Blogs

    • Craig Lueck says:

      Arnie, thanks for reading and your comments. Perhaps next time I am in Milwaukee I can get a photo of the painting you are referring to. Will let you know. I believe the painting is 30 years old by now given that it was done while in college. We continue to hold up your little trio in our prayers. Happy New Year!

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