Fleeting Glory



I look forward to the change of season, especially the relaxed colors of winter and the exposed structure of all things normally hidden in foliage. Some plants, though, take advantage of winter to show off, like these fiery red winterberries, a type of holly. I paint these guys every year. Plus Lee cuts sprigs from our shrubs and places them in small vases around the house to brighten our spirits throughout the holidays. Their vivid display amid winter’s starkness is a reminder of God’s invitation to experience his grace during dark times in our lives.

Autumn Harvest

Bachelor Buttons


The tomato shape is just as perfect as its various flavors. Growing them is a finer art than illustrating them.

Three Tomatoes

A bumper crop from Lee’s garden. Obviously this is not from 2012 but from 2011 – from my photo archives. I love painting from my own photos.

Blackberry Lilies

Garden details of a blackberry lily from the Kansas City Beanstalk Community Garden

Cranesbill, Periwinkle and Crabapple