About Craig and Lee

What does a marriage between an artist and writer look like? We might have a conversation something like this:

© Kelly Jackson Photography

Craig: You have an inordinate need to be right.

Lee: Thank you.

Craig: I didn’t mean it as a compliment.

Lee: But I’m an editor. I have to make sure things are right.

Craig: You don’t have to edit my love letters to you.

Lee: I thought you’d want to know there’s only one “l” in always.

Craig: I thought you’d want to respond to the feelings I expressed. I really put myself out there.

Lee: Yes, you said some really nice things. Thank you. And I’m sorry.

Craig: I forgive you.

Lee: Good. Now do you want to see your other two mistakes?

For the past 30+ years, we have built a life together: a precise, pragmatic writer and creative, romantic painter. We’ve learned to rely on each other’s strengths, forgive each other’s weaknesses and laugh at each other’s jokes, a combination that has helped us raise four kids, stay connected with our large extended families that live more than 500 miles away, and share our lives with our church community.

We live in the Kansas City area but still travel “home” to Wisconsin and Illinois as often as possible. With degrees from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the University of Illinois School of Journalism, we spend our days in the corporate world, creating greeting cards and marketing medical software. Our nights are now for blogging. Some would encourage empty nesters like us to take Italian or learn to dance, but we’re opening our sketchbooks and notebooks to remember the people, places and activities that matter, at least to us. Like the taste of a just-picked tomato, evenings with friends and family, the beauty of a wildflower bloom, swimming the chilly waters of Green Bay, rebuilding a community ravaged by nature, growing more thankful and less judgmental. We know it’s time to turn away from our computers when we start typing messages to each other even though we’re sitting in the same room.