Welcome to Sketches and Notes

We’re getting closer to launching Sketches and Notes, a blog combining images and words from the likes of us, Craig and Lee Lueck. Who are we? We’re an artist and writer, married for more than 30 years, living a rather ordinary life, trying to slow down and take note of the wonder (or absurdity) in our everyday moments. What does a marriage between an artist and writer look like? We might have a conversation something like this:

Craig: You have an inordinate need to be right.

Lee: Thank you.

Craig: I didn’t mean it as a compliment.

Lee: But I’m an editor. I have to make sure things are right.

Craig: You don’t have to edit my love letters to you.

Lee: I thought you’d want to know there’s only one “l” in always.

Craig: I thought you’d want to respond to the feelings I expressed. I really put myself out there.

Lee: Yes, you said some really nice things. Thank you. And I’m sorry.

Craig: I forgive you.

Lee: Good. Now do you want to see your other two mistakes?

Stay tuned. We’ll be posting soon.


  1. So glad you have launched…eagerly anticipating where this “cookie and mouse” concept will lead.
    You have me baited and hooked ready for the next page and picture!!

  2. Wonderful!! So glad you are launched! Love the format!